Takata Airbag Recall - Searching for Vehicles Subject to the Recall

You can search to check whether your vehicle
is subject to a recall.
(It will also show if you have taken your vehicle
in to serviced for a recall in the past)
Correctly enter the frame number shown in the field on your
vehicle inspection certificate using half-width alphanumeric characters
and click the search button.

Frame Number -   
Input example ⇒ HH5 1000000
alphanumeric characters
half-width digits
There was an error in the entered information. Please check and try again.

Light motor vehicles Compacts / Regular-sized Vehicles
軽自動車 自動車検査証 様式 拡大表示へのリンク 小型・普通自動車 自動車検査証 様式 拡大表示へのリンク

・Please make sure to enter the frame number correctly.
   (Search results for a different vehicle may be shown if input incorrectly)
・The image of the vehicle inspection certificate here may be different from your certificate.
・Any information concerning the Takata airbag recall will be shown.

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